Marley (was “Flash”) was a  lively, friendly, good-natured 4/5 month-old puppy when he arrived with us in February 2007.  He is probably a lab/collie mix and on the short-haired side for us, but the little

guy was only a day or two away from being put to sleep in an Irish pound and the four white socks  proved irresistable!

Marley was fostered by Evelyn in Lancashire when he arrived in the UK and she found him a fantastic home nearby with  Melanie and Andrew, their two  boys, Christopher, 11 and James, 8, and their 11-yr-old shepherd cross, Candy.

Marley has proved to be a star and bonded  quickly with his new family.  There had been reports of him being unmanageable in Ireland, but he has proved to be a very well behaved young lad in his loving new home.

“He went to training and was excellent at recall which is amazing when you think how old he is and what he has been through - so well done to everyone for saving the little fellow,” says Melanie. “He takes everything in his stride, knows his manners and the whole family thinks he is special.”

(updated 22/4/07)