Marley...  is alive by the skin of his teeth, for he was picked up as a stray in Meath, an area of Ireland that a couple of months ago had no dog pound.   Dogs were simply rounded up and quietly euthanased, with no effort made to rehome them.

A huge fuss, and a lot of campaigning, led to the opening of Meath Dog Pound a couple of months ago and now Meath dogs have a bit of  lifeline, although if we hadn’t offered to take him, he would still probably have been put to sleep as black collie x’s like him are two a penny in Ireland. .

Now Marley is no great shakes to look at, and these pix are pretty awful, but we took him because he’s just lovely - a  soft young, quiet, gentle, well-behaved boy who loves cuddles and will make a lovely family pet.  He keeps his kennel very clean so we think he is house-trained.

He’s been to the groomers since these pix were taken and we’re told his coat is now gleaming.  We will post some better pix asap.

Marley is vaccinated, neutered and flea-treated.

UPDATE 14/3/08

The new pix that were emailed over this morning, reveal a black balll of fluff...  and  perhaps the hint of a newfie ancestry? He’s much smaller though  - only  knee height.  Foster mum Elaine says he’s quiet and a cuddle-monster although beginning to be more playful as he settles in.  He love his food and treats and is great in the car. He pulls a bit on the lead but settles down.  The pound thought he was 3-4 years old, but I reckon a bit younger.

If you would like to offer Marley the forever home he so desperately needs, please email

There is a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Marley, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland.

(added 13/3/08)