MAX... is a beautiful golden retriever/setter x boy who is lively, loving, happy boy in desperate need of some security + TLC.

Still not much more than a year old, this poor lad has been rehomed three times since January 2010 - we believe through no fault of his own.  Max was first rehomed in January, straight from the pound,  to settled travellers. They decided they didn’t want him back after he escaped and was knocked down by a car (no lasting injuries). The vets where he was taken fell in love with him and helped find him another home. That home failed because he was destructive when left. Ditto with the next one - apparently he didn’t cope very well with being shut in the hall. But we think this is just a needy boy who will do fine when there is someone around for most of the day.  He is fine with other dogs but probably too boisterous for young children. 

The vets who are holding him say he is a smashing boy and are very kindly holding him there until we can take him. He clearly deserves another chance. We don’t think his issues are any more than that he is a young, energetic, insecure boy who wants to be with you, and is desperate  for a proper home to call his own.

Max is fully-vaccinated and neutered and will be arriving with us probably next week.  He is about 16 months old and in great condition.

UPDATE 22/3/10

Well, what can we say... young Max is an absolute cracker - playful and as lively as he should be at this age but not at all hyper and much more obedient than we thought he would be. Max is very loving; terrific with other dogs (he loves to play!)  and he settles fine on his own at night. He is a also house-trained and walks well on a lead - although will pull when he sees other dogs as he’s busting to go and play with them. 

Although we were warned that he could be destructive, he has not yet chewed anything he shouldn’t, but then he is being spoiled with lots of lovely toys by his foster mum Daisy! “He has absolutely blossomed since arriving a week ago and is adorable,” she says.  The only blot on his copybook is that he did get through a gap in Daisy’s fence and made a bid for escape (quickly nipped in the bud as he went up to the first people he saw). So he will need a secure garden.  We also think he might be a little too boisterous for small children. But, otherwise - a lovely, lovely boy!

UPDATE 29/3/10

Well now we absolutely know that Max didn’t fail at his other homes because of anything he’d done. He’s a real cracker. He’s even fine to be left for short periods and he still hasn’t shown any destructive behaviour (well, apart from the odd hole dug in the garden!)

We feel Max would do best in an active home which can commit to his continued training. He’s lithe and athletic and would be perfect if you’re interested in doing a bit of fun agility.  (We think he’s more likely to be a goldie/collie x than a goldie/setter x.)

Max loves other dogs, and is brilliant with them, so is looking for a home either with another dog or where he has lots of opportunities to socialise with other dogs. He really loves to play.

UPDATE 30/5/10

Well, we had a bit of a hiccup with this young man - a golf-ball-sized lump on the back of his neck which we had to have removed. Fortunately, it turned out to be benign, but left a meaty scar, as you can see (pix below..). A big, BIG thank you to wonderful foster mum Daisy who took Max’s op in her stride (as, indeed, did Max himself).

Lovely Max goes to his new home in Dorset tomorrow... Thank you to Linda and family for opening their hearts to this deserving boy. We look forward to receiving updates! 

(added 7/4/10)