MILLY... is a leggy young retriever/collie x girl who landed in Dundalk pound in Ireland last week. She’s a lively, affectionate sweetie who loves people and gets on fabulously with other dogs.

More than that we don’t know but she’s arriving with us this coming Thursday and we will update as soon as we have more info.

Milly will be spayed, fully-vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated before she goes to her new home.

UPDATE 5/9/10

Milly arrived with us from Ireland yesterday and she’s lovely - a soft, lively, very affectionate and pretty collie x girl who will make someone a bright and wonderfully-loyal companion.

She is great with other dogs - although at the moment will warn them off if they come near her if there is food around. This is almost certainly because she has gone very, very hungry (she was picked up as a stray)  and should ease once she realises that food is plentiful. She does not appear to be food possessive around humans, though, and will give up her toys to the hand.

Although it’s very unlikely she’s ever lived in a house, she is settling well. Not sure yet if she’s house-trained because we’re not leaving anything to chance, but there have been no accidents so far.

We think Milly would be fine as an only dog as long as there are lots of opportunities to meet and play with others, and she will suit a home where she has human company for most of the day.  She clearly hasn’t had any basic training but she comes when she’s called and she settles very well in the car.  As a collie x she is as bright as a button and will learn  very quickly but equally she will need a home that will keep her stimulated.

UPDATE 19/10/10

Rehomed! Lovely Milly has gone to live with Mary and Stuart and their children Phoebe and Henry in Wiltshire, where she’s proving to be a lovely family dog.  Thank you!

(added 29/8/10)