MR CHIPS... has a very sad story and is coming to us for a well-deserved second chance.  We don’t know much about him except that he has been living rough on the streets in Dublin for some time - being fed by an elderly man who has just died.

As a result, Mr Chips was taken to Meath pound a couple of weeks ago  - a scruffy, matted, middle-aged dog with very little chance of being rehomed.  We loved his soft eyes, though, and reckon there’s a lovely fella in there who will brush up a treat.

Mr Chips is now in a foster home where he is LOVING the home comforts... Goodness knows what happened to this poor chap, as he has most certainly lived in a house before. He’s completely house-trained, great with people and knows exactly what a sofa is... 

He’s fine with other dogs but can take or leave them so will do fine in a home on his own.

We don’t think Mr Chips is as old as he first looks - perhaps 6 years old - and he looks like a lab/spaniel/collie x.  He’s a gentle boy who will make a very affectionate, loyal companion.

If  you are interested in Mr Chips, either as a foster or forever home, please email asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for  Mr Chips which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland.

(added 29/11/08)