Mundy... was down as black setter x in the pound from which we have just rescued him. All we know about him at the moment is that he is very handsome, young, good with children and very friendly with other dogs.   In fact a little  too friendly with other dogs by all accounts - Mundy was bitten in the pound for making amorous advances on another male. This is a very common reaction to the stress of being in the pound, so there’s no need to believe Mundy is really an inveterate lothario.  (And, anyway, he will soon be neutered.)

Mundy is currently in kennels in Ireland waiting to be able to travel to the UK and we’ll update with more info and pix as soon as we can.

In the meantime,  If you’d like to register preliminary interest in this dashing youngster (either as a “forever” or a foster home) please email

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(added 9/9/07)

UPDATE 20/9/07

Mundy sounds like such a lovely boy. He adores people, craves attention and is very eager to please.  He has  also been good, at least on a lead, around livestock. But the poor soul has been quite shaken up by his little altercation in the pound (Mundy note to self: don’t jump on grouchy GSDs with a bad ear..).  He was quite badly bitten around the neck, and although  he’s on the mend physically, it has made him nervous of other dogs. This will make the next few days and weeks critical for him.  What  Mundy needs is careful socialisation with nice dogs that will restore his confidence, so we will be looking for a home experienced enough to do this.

Mundy arrives in the UK this Saturday (22nd) and we can’t wait to meet him. Hang on in there, young Mundy, you’re on the way to a lovely new life!

UPDATE 23/9/07

Mundy arrived with Scamper at the crack of dawn yesterday.  First thing that was totally obvious is that he’s a  tall spaniel x  (probably springer).  He has a broad spaniel head  and a spaniel tail that I think has been partly docked  - it’s not much more than half the length it should be.  Second thing that was totally obvious is that he has been badly shaken by what’s happened to him in the past few weeks. He is extremely nervous of other dogs - air-snapping at them if they come too close.  And you can just tell by looking in this boy’s eyes that he is all over the place.

The good news is that he is being looked after by Ginny in Dorset who  is wonderfully undaunted by the fact  that Mundy is a bit of a project. And he’s been pretty good so far (except for a bit of stress-humping!) He was clearly exhausted and went through the night without a murmur, is eating well, loves children, didn’t try to eat a labrador girl he bumped into this afternoon, and is clearly bonding fast with Ginny, who we hope will keep him if it works out. I just called and he is, apparently, on a chair fast asleep with his legs in the air...