MUNGO... is a fun and characterful retriever x boy, about a year old. He is the product of an illicit liaison between a labrador (his mum) and a collie. The rest of the litter were put to sleep, unwanted, but Mungo was kept to deal with his mum’s milk. - and handed over to rescue soon after he was weaned (pic of him as a pup, below).

Poor Mungo has been in rescue ever since -  the kind of medium-sized, long-haired black dog that very rarely finds a home in Ireland.

Mungo is very friendly and not scared of anything - a lively, enthusiastic, super-sweet and very affectionate boy who gets on very well with other dogs and is also good with cats (happy to share his bowl and bed with one!).  He is crate-trained but has lived outside during the day so his house-training will probably need some work.

Other than being an exuberant youngster who will need an active home that can commit to his training, Mungo’s only real issue is that he is “unruly” on the lead. Oh, and he apparently loves mud! He is probably a little too boisterous for toddlers.

UPDATE 1/12/10

Mungo arrived last Thursday and he is a great-looking boy with a personality to match. He is a little untamed at the moment, but is beginning to learn that the kitchen table and worktops are not really for dogs....

Mungo is very affectionate, playful and lovely with the other dogs.  He’s a little clingy at the moment but that’s to be expected. We think he would be best in a home with another dog because he loves them and also  to prevent him from becoming too over-focused on a human.

All in all, a really lovely, bright boy who is beginning to learn some manners and will make a wonderful addition to a family that can put a little time into his training.

UPDATE 15/1/11

Mungo has totally won the hearts of his foster family who say he is just gorgeous - and a delight to take out for a walk because he has such a great time, is so good with other dogs, and has terrific recall.  He’s much better on a lead now, too, and is housetrained.

He does steal food given half a chance and his appetite extends to plastic plants pots, boxes, papers, magazines and dog toys...

Mungo is a handsome and very affectionate boy who loves a cuddle and will try to sit on your lap. He has a fabulous nature and will suit an active home (he does need two good walks a day) and we think he would enjoy a busy household (he was terrific on Christmas day when there were 10 people and four dogs!)

Mungo will be fully vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and neutered before going to his new home. He is being fostered in Nottingham (thank you Mary and Johnny!).

UPDATE 20/2/11

Mungo will be going to his new home in Worcestershire in the next few days - love at first sight for new mum Bobbie who lives and works on a farm - exactly the outdoorsy, active home we’ve been waiting to come up for him!

(added 23/11/10)

Above: Mungo as a pup, shortly after he came into rescue...