NERO... is a really handsome, young black retriever x who was picked up straying in Cork, we think dumped.

Nero is a puppyish,playful, characterful softie who learns quickly but still needs some guidance. He has good recall, loves to play with other dogs, adores the beach and splashing about in water.  He is strong on a lead (his Irish foster home walks him on a halti) and can be barky when left  and at night (although this has settled down now). He is also a rather chatty boy whose vocabulary includes  an interesting array of different noises.

Nero so loves other dogs that we’d like to see him homed with another playful dog. He can be left for a short while as long as he gets enough exercise and stimulation the rest of the time. He loves people and hasn’t shown any aggression at all.

Nero is currently in Ireland, due to arrive in the UK in the next couple of weeks. He is neutered, vaccinated, wormed and  treated for fleas.

UPDATE 9/4/09

Nero arrived yesterday morning and he’s gorgeous - an affectionate, floppy, playful young man, we reckon less than a year old.   Not a peek out of him last night (but then we did take him for a two-hour walk on Salisbury Plain) and he is house-trained. He also has the most wonderful soft, silky coat.

Nero is teensy bit of a hooligan at the mo - and pestered our girls to play so much that they had to tell him off.  But there’s no bad in this lad and once he learns a few manners he’ll be wonderful.

Nero pulls on the lead a bit but it’s manageable because he isn’t very big (small lab-sized). He sticks close off-lead but  will bound off to play with other dogs,so will need some work on this.

Really nice characterful  boy - a lab/collie mix (perhaps some cat in there too - he uses his paws to manipulate toys and so to reach goodies at the back of the worktops in a markedly feline manner!). He looks about seven months old, but cocks his leg so unless he’s a very quick learner we reckon he’s about 10 months - definitely under a year. Once some boundaries are in place, he will  be a wonderfully entertaining addition to a family that can commit time to bringing him on.

If  you are interested in Nero, please email asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for  Nero which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland.

(added 6/12/08)