OZZIE...was surrendered with his brother Max to Dunboyne pound two weeks ago.  We thought originally we might look for a home for them together but now feel they would be better separated.  Together they wind each other up whereas on their own they are very sweet and affectionate.

Ozzie is 6-9 months old - a medium-sized working-type labrador with all the bouncy friendliness you would expect from a labrador at this age. As you can see in the second pix, Ozzie still looks puppyish but carried, rather than chewed, the shoes he picked up so there’s a fighting chance your £200 Manolas  (or in our case, rather-cheaper Crocs) would survive the experience... Although both dogs have a bit of white on their chests (Max more so) we are pretty sure they are purebred.

Ozzie has been kept outside and clearly hasn’t been blessed with much in his young life, but this is a lovely, bright  boy who with a bit of guidance will be perfect family dog. He absolutely loves humans, has a very soft mouth and will be fine with children - although as a boisterous adolescent may be too much for little ones. He is great with other dogs.

Ozzie, like his brother, needs housetraining, but will learn very quickly. He is very biddable, sticks close on walks and comes when called. He is the more adventurous/independent of the pair but a really lovable lab who will make a wonderful family dog. He already knows “sit” and waits patiently for a treat. 

Ozzie will be neutered, fully-vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and microchipped.

Unfortunately we are so very short of foster homes at the moment that Ozzie and his brother are in kennels, so if you are interested  in this gorgeous boy, either as a foster or a forever home, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap!

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Ozzie, which includes the £65 each it costs to transport him from Ireland. 

UPDATE 22/4/2010

Ozzie went to his new family last weekend and is settling in very well, as these new pix of him show!  A big thank you to Karen, Mark and Hannah in Kent for giving him such a lovely home.

(updated 10/4/10)

Below: Ozzie (left) and his brother Max -  in Dunboyne pound