Penny...  is a gorgeous spaniel/retriever  x puppy, now about 11 weeks old.  She was surrendered into Dundalk pound as an unwanted Christmas present, and she’s a lively, bold sweetie who charms everyone she meets.

We think she will be medium-sized and, of course, her new home will be starting almost from scratch, although she is just about house-trained and very well-socialised with people and other dogs.

Penny is looking for a home where there is someone at home most of the day, and which can commit to her training.

Penny has had a slight infection in her right eye which is now healed. She has been vaccinated and wormed but, obviously, is too young to be spayed.

UPDATE 4/3/08

Penny arrived in the wee hours of this morning and she’s a doll - exactly as expected. She’s had a lovely day alternately playing and sleeping in the clockwork fashion all pups do and has charmed all the family, two-legged and four - although the old fella Tangle remains rather unimpressed!   We think she probably comes from working stock as she can already do an almost perfect retrieve and has real focus, These new pix of Penny were taken a was  this afternoon in our garden and we’ll take some more tomorrow when she’s more settled in.

She’s smaller than I expected and  my guess is that she’s probably a lab/spaniel x. It’s hard to be sure at this age, of course, but sadly it was enough to put off the couple who had reserved her as they aren’t keen on labradors. So Penny is unexpectedly re-available... Although not for long, we’re sure!

If you are interested in this lovely girl, please email asap.

There is minimum adoption fee of £125 for Penny, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland.

(added 24/2/08)