QUINCY.. is a fab chocolate newfie/lab x boy - a huge, affectionate boy who will be a wonderful family dog (as long as you don’t mind being sat on by a great big oaf). He was saved from the pound in Ireland, where he was on death row and is about a year old.  Hopefully he doesn’t have too much growing still to do!

Quincy is great with other dogs and people (probably a bit too big for small children, though). He has a great big thick coat at the moment but this will get thinner and sleeker once he’s living inside.

Quincy is strong on a lead and will need training but, hey, who could resist that dopey face?

Quincy, who is still in Ireland, is fully vax’d, wormed, flea-treated and will be neutered before he travels. 

UPDATED 31/3/11

Rehomed! And this young man is living proof of where there’s a will there’s a way! As soon as he went up on the website, Joanne and Michael from Oban in Scotland decided he was the one for them.  Problem was, there are no Scottish transports at the moment and as smitten as Joanne and Michael were, it would have been just too far for them to come all the way down south to meet him.

So a special appeal went out and thanks to the wonderful folk in Ireland at Celtic Animal Lifeline and Dundalk Dogs, Quincy managed to hitch a lift with a foot passenger from Belfast to Stranraer - ‘only’ a 3hr drive for Joanne and Michael.

He arrived yesterday and he’s proving a real star (albeit a boisterous one who needs some manners!) - a very loving, affectionate boy who is as thrilled to be in a home as Joanne and family are to have him. (The poor chap has been in kennels for 5 weeks in Ireland.) Ah, and he’s now called Max - husband Michael decided that Quincy was way too poofy a name for a rufty-tufty boy like this one. (Think he was referring to the dog...).

Pictures are promised!

(added 4/3/11)