REX... is a gorgeous chocolate labrador boy who we rehomed last December.

Rex has proved a wonderful family dog - loving, playful and biddable and terrific with children, but he does sometimes growl if he is anxious and although we do not think he is in the least aggressive, it is understandably a concern for a family with young children.

Rex comes from Ireland where he was owned by a man who had some mental issues. He loved Rex but life could be very unpredictable.  There were times when Rex hand to spend weeks in kennels while his owner was in hospital. Then, 18 months ago, his Irish owner found a new partner and Rex, who had always lived inside, was banished outside.  
Rex was finally surrendered into rescue when, last November, his Irish owner was sent to prison. 

We think then that Rex’s occasional growling is legacy of this unstable start and, again, should stress that we think it is anxiety, not aggression. We suspect that he is just finding the noisy goings-on of a young family a bit much at times.

In every other respect, he is hard to fault - a sweet, loving and generally happy lad who is great with people, great with dogs, great on a lead, good recall...  a really lovely, active, bright boy.

Rex is five years old and is vaccinated, neutered, wormed and flea-treated. He is currently in Beaconsfield in Bucks.

If you are interested in Rex, please  email asap

(added 31/3/11)