ROCKY... is a lovely young cocker x boy who was surrendered to Dundalk pound last week because his owners couldn’t afford to keep him. Poor Rocky...

He is an open, friendly, well-behaved and well-socialised young lad who has clearly been loved  and is looking for a new home through no fault of his own.  Although he needs further assessment, he seems great with everyone and other dogs.

Rocky is about a year old -  bigger than a cocker but smaller than a retriever.

UPDATE 22/4/10

A smashing chap, this fella - a lively, very affectionate, chunky spaniel x who absolutely adores people. He’s energetic, so is looking for an active family. He also really does love other dogs and gets on brilliantly with them. Rocky has been kenneled with SAM, the English Setter x boy, and really missed Sam when he went off to be neutered. Left in the kennel on his own he stopped eating and was very down in the dumps - but lit up  - and started eating again - the moment his new friend reappeared. We don’t think this necessarily means that Rocky needs to live with another dog, but he would certainly enjoy the chance for  socialisation with canine chums. Although not cat-tested, we feel he would probably chase’em...

UPDATE 29/4/10

Well, we were wrong about the cats!  Rocky is absolutely fine with them. And he so has wheedled his way into his foster family’s heart that they have asked to keep him.  A lovely boy, this one , who has behaved impeccably so far.

A big thank you to Cheryl, Chris and Charlotte for taking Rocky (now Louis!) under their wing in a lovely location on the south coast.  We look forward to hearing that he is enjoying the many delights of seaside life (at the moment he’s looking at the sea in some horror!). Only a matter of time, we’re sure...

(added 7/4/10)

Below: Rocky in Dundalk Dog pound in early April