RONNIE... landed in Meath pound in Ireland a couple of weeks ago. He is an absolute sweetheart; a young, gentle, retrievery x boy who everyone has fallen in love with.

Ronnie, who is about a year old, is lovely with other dogs. He is vaccinated, neutered and will be wormed/flea-treated when he arrives. He’s traveling tonight so will be with us tomorrow. He will be fostered here with us in Wiltshire (unless a better offer comes up!) so more info and pix to come shortly. We particularly hope that Ronnie might be suitable for a family with young children as we have lots waiting at the mo!

UPDATE 29/4/10

Ronnie has settled in very well here at BRX HQ. He is a medium-sized collie x and a super, very affectionate boy who loves nothing more than to creep up on to your lap for a cuddle. We think he’s rather less than a year old as he’s very puppyish - loves to redistribute shoes and other bits and pieces around the house and has redesigned one or two of Jon’s socks in a manner not entirely conducive to their primary role as coverer of feet. 

Ronnie is  playful and lively, as he should be at this age  but not in the least hyper. He is mannerly, respectful and very biddable.  He arrived not knowing any commands but is picking them up quickly.  

We don’t think he’s ever lived in a house but there have been no accidents.   He walks beautifully on the lead and is great off-lead - never goes far - and he comes flying when you call him.  He’s good in the car and great with the other dogs.  He was great with the vets’ resident cat - just wanted to say a gentle hello. We would be happy homing him with younger children, too, as he’s so loving and gentle.

UPDATE 30/5/10

Gorgeous Ronnie went to his new home in Essex two weeks ago and is settling in wonderfully with Lisa and family - and particularly their two boys who he adores!

Here’s the latest from Lisa:

Just thought I would let you know Ronnie is doing really well. He has settled down and put on a little weight and he sleeps through the night without any problems.


“He seems to have adapted to his new surrounding quickly and has made friends with everyone he meets including some dogs who walk the same route. He had a little swim with another dog last weekend when it was really hot.


“He was the star of the class in his first week dog training but we are worried the trainer wants to kidnap him.”

We suspect she’d have a bit of a job.... Thank you so much, Lisa (who nagged me rotten re Ronnie... not that that’s always the best way to get one of our dogs, you understand). It’s a lovely home and we look forward to lots of updates!


(added 22/4/10)

Above: Ronnie in mid-air playing with TARA and, below, making himself at home on the sofa...

Below: Ronnie in Meath dog pound in mid-April