RORY... not great pix, but this boy is a gorgeous retriever/collie x - a big, friendly, enthusiastic, loveable boy who needs a few rough edges smoothed off but will be a real cracker in the right home.

Rory landed in Dundalk Dog Pound just before Christmas.  Fortunately, a foster home was found for him while he was waiting until he could travel and, as you can see, he gets on very well with other dogs... AND doesn’t eat cats (although will chase if they run - in the spirit of a game rather than lunch..).

Here’s what his Irish foster mum has to say about him: “Rory is a big lively boy who loves to jump all over you so would be too much for young children - although he means them no harm.  In his excitement to join in with whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going, he will barge past you and through doors so he needs firm handling and would benefit from a sport like agility but if not he enjoys walks and a big garden to roam around. We have five dogs and he gets on very well with all of them. He loves his food and you can take the bowl away from him. He needs a secure garden as he will jump a low fence.

“Rory is good on the lead - our 11-yr-old son walks him.  When he first came to us we tried to put him to bed in the utility room  but he jumped the baby gate so he now has a very large crate and he sleeps in that no problem at night or if we have to go out.

“Rory can be timid and roll onto his back if you raise your voice or have a firm voice with him - he gives you this ‘im sorry’ look and rolls onto his back.  All in all he is a lovely, lively dog without a mean bone in his body - we will miss him!”

Rory will be neutered, fully vaccinated, wormed etc. He will be arriving end of next week and we are looking for an active home that can commit to his training  and won’t mind - in the interim at least - having a big, boisterous boy land with great enthusiasm in their laps...

UPDATE 18/2/11

Rehomed! Rory arrived three weeks ago - initially fostered by ace foster mum Rebecca near us hear in Wiltshire. But after just a few days,  one of Rebecca’s goldies came into season - a ittle too much for Rory who had not yet been neutered. We put out an appeal for another foster home and Rachel and Alan in Bedforshire, who were on our waiting list for  a permanent dog, very kindly offered to take him.

Rory proved such a star that Rachel and Alan - who have been looking for the right dog for a while - asked to adopt him. It’s a fabulous home so we’re delighted. A huge thank you to Rachel and Alan for also covering the cost of Rory’s neutering.

Rory still has a bit to learn re sticking close when out on walks but has proved a real star in the house - happy to settle and a very affectionate boy.  We look forward to getting updates!

(added 15/11/10)