ROSIE... is a tiny and characterful spaniel x - mostly working cocker we think.  She was picked up as a stray (almost certainly dumped) in south-west ireland , in very poor and neglected condition. Not that you’d know it now - she is full of beans, a sweet, affectionate and lively bundle of fun, about 10 months old.  She weighs 10kg and is always going to be lap-sized (a location where she loves to be!). She has the rather charming flaw of a slight underbite - and her lips sometimes get hooked up on it, which makes for a VERY funny face. Graciously, she doesn’t mind at all if you laugh.

Rosie is still very puppyish (she chews!) and is looking for a home that will relish the challenge of taming her. Not that she’s a real hooligan - just a bit of a Princess Naughty who will need firm boundaries and at least one member of the family who can resist her charm and won’t always give in to those  mournful eyes. (“How COULD you leave me here on my own... don’t you know I will DIE of loneliness...?”)

She gets on very well with other dogs and loves to play; is good on a lead and hasn’t eaten even one of her foster mum’s hens.  Her recall is not great though and she can wriggle through the smallest hole.

Rosie is vaccinated and spayed, and is being fostered in Wiltshire.  Irresistable!

UPDATE 7/4/10

Sweet Rosie was adopted by a fantastic family close to us here in Wiltshire. We have just received this update (and the gorgeous pic below), from her new Dad Adam:

Rosie (now called Dora) has proved to be a fantastic dog and has settled in very well with our other dog a Tibetan Terrier. She has gained weight and now weighs in at 13kgs. A very affectionate, sweet natured dog who is very eager to please and very biddable. She was quite possessive of food and toys to begin with, but this has pretty much disappeared over time. This photo was taken in Ireland last summer when we had a great holiday on the west coast. The dogs loved the beaches and the exercise.”

(added 18/6/09)