(added 7/7/12)

ROSIE is gorgeous four-month-old working-bred purebred Labrador puppy who has come into rescue due to a marriage break-up.

She has only arrived with us today, so it will be a few days before we know what she’s like and what kind of home she is looking for - although both parents are working gundogs, which gives some clues - this girl will not be a coach-potato lab! She already knows her name and comes flying when called.

Rosie has no contact with other dogs since she left her mum, so we’re aiming to get her into a foster home with other dogs to ensure she has the best socialisation at this critical stage in her life. Ideally, her new home will have either another dog or lots of opportunities for socialisation.

UPDATE 12/7/12

What a little star Rosie is - bright, bright, bright and developing so much every day. She is here with us at BRX HQ where the other dogs are teaching her important life lessons (nope, not allowed on the bed when Big Jake is on it...nope, you can’t take food from another dog’s bowl... And if you insist on clambering over other dogs in the car, eventually you will get told off by one that has been trod on once too often..)

First night, Rosie really, really objected to being crated and so I let her out and, amazingly, she was clean overnight. And the next night and last night, so she’s pretty much house-trained as long as you remember to keep taking her out.

She is, undoubtedly, a feisty girl -  confident and independent. She adores her cuddles, but she’s wriggly rather than floppy-ahhh and is soon off on another adventure. We have now found the off-switch, but she is full of energy and needs a ‘doing’ home that will channel her enthusiasm and have time to commit to bringing her on. She will definitely do best with other dog company.

Rosie is fully-vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated.  She is obviously too young to be spayed. Her adoption fee is £150 plus VAT (£180 in total).

If you are interested in Rosie - either as a foster or a forever home - please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.