RYAN... is a very affectionate, playful, medium-sized retriever x boy who gets on brilliantly with other dogs and loves children.

Ryan landed in Ashton pound a month ago and we offered to take him this week when it became clear his life was in danger. The pound was full, with more waiting to come in, and Ryan was top of the put-to-sleep list.  Given that he is such a lovely chap, it’s a surprise he wasn’t rehomed from the pound but sadly black dogs are often over-looked. (Mad, isn’t it...? We think they’re the best!)

We’re sure this young man will repay us many times over... we just love his cheeky-looking face.

Ryan is now in a foster home in Ireland and we will update with more info and pix as soon as we can.

UPDATE 28/9/08

Well Ryan is a LOVELY chap... very affectionate, gets on very well with other dogs, loves children (although is too boisterous for little ones), is eager to learn, loves swimming, has prettty good recall and sticks close when out on a walk.  He also smells a LOT better for having had two baths, and although the new pix don’t show it, he has an absolutely beautiful, soft coat.

But this youngster has had no time put into him at all. He couldn’t believe he was actually allowed INSIDE the house, he is not house-trained, he jumps up, he pulls on the lead and he doesn’t know any commands.

All this is easily resolvable, of course, especially as he’s a young lad, and he will pick up the basics in his foster home in Ireland before he comes over.

UPDATE 29/11/08

Ryan is now crate-trained - although will still mess in the house if left on his own and not crated.  He’s a fantastically lovable, happy-go-lucky, clumsy dog, who will find any bit of mud or muck going - but at least loves the shower and being groomed! He chases cats but is really good with (and loves) other dogs. In fact, we feel he’ll do best in a home with another dog as he is a bit whiney if left on his own (fine with another dog around, though).

We think Ryan is still less than a year old - retriever-sized and  a big eejit (as they say in his 

country of birth) who will be a wonderful addition to any family who is, well, not overly house-proud!

He arrives in the UK on the 4th December and so we are urgently now seeking a foster/forever home for him.

UPDATE 22/3/09

Ryan  has been in foster with us for three months now (thank you Sheila!) and is ready to go to his forever home. He’s a lovely chap - lively, playful, cheeky, full of cuddles, bright and confident.   He’s quite strong and still needs some manners so is looking for an active family who will appreciate a character dog and can dedicate a little bit of time to raising this lovable, very promising boy.

Ryan is now completely house-trained and gets on well with other dogs (although can be a little too bold with timid ones) . He still pulls on the lead, and needs some work to nail his recall (although he doesn’t go too far).  He suffers from a little separation anxiety, so is looking for a home where there is someone around most of the day. But he can be left for a couple of hours without him eating the carpet...

If you are interested in this increasingly shiny boy (a testament to his wonderful foster mum Sheila), please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for Ryan, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  him from Ireland.

(added 25/9/08)

Ryan in Ireland in November