Sadie... was rehomed by us in the summer and, sad to say, she is back with us looking for a new family to love her.  She was adopted by a lovely but busy family and they have decided that she needs a little more dedicated time than they can devote to her. But, really, apart from a couple of small issues that will resolve quickly in the right home, she is already a super dog.

We stepped in to save Sadie from certain death earlier this year when we saw these pictures of her (left) in an Irish pound.  Some dogs just break your heart and the sight of Sadie, so terrified she wouldn’t approach the bars for titbits and shook every time she heard a dog bark, were enough for us to offer to save her.

A small collie x (probably with terrier) and now about a year old, she has undoubtedly been abused and when her owner turned up to collect her from the pound, she was so petrified of him the warden refused to let him take her. But Sadie has come on leaps and bounds since then. She has blossomed into a playful, loving, bright youngster who gets on well with other dogs and loves her food!

She is still scared of new situations, men (particularly men wearing suits...) and also some children. This can manifest in her running up to them and barking, before running away (not a great way to endear herself to nervous children and their parents).  She will also bark when visitors come to the door.

Sadie is nervous when she first meets you, especially if you’re a man, but  but once reassured is a little sweetie - a wriggly, affectionate girl who can barely believe her luck that someone wants to cuddle her.   She loves to curl up next to you on the sofa.

Sadie is very good off-lead. never straying far and she comes when called. On the lead, she pulls at first, but settles down. She also likes cats - and loved playing with her first foster home’s cat (they played chase up and down the stairs apparently!). We also think she will be good with livestock as she has paid little attention to them when passing on a lead.

She has shared happily with other dogs (and loves to play), but can be a little possessive around food and toys at first.

We are looking for a home with either no or older, dog-confident children. She would benefit greatly from dog-training and is agile enough to do agility once her confidence has improved a little. She is vaccinated and wormed and will be spayed shortly.

If you would like to know more about this cutie who SO deserves another start, please email

(updated 11/11/07)

Sadie in Dundalk Pound -

absolutely terrified...

Sadie now - just look at

that glossy coat!