SEAMUS...  is an Irish cracker. Well, technically speaking, a half German cracker as we’re pretty sure he’s half German Wirehaired Pointer and half labrador - an unusual and incredibly handsome mix.

Seamus is around a year old and he’s very affectionate and super-quick to learn. He gets on very well with other dogs, is terrific in the car, walks well on a lead, and is very good off-lead. Except for a little marking when he first arrived, he has had no accidents in the house.

Although generally respectful with other dogs, Seamus is a bit bold in his play with his foster-brother Benson - a very soft flatcoat who hasn’t been able to tell him off for nipping his bum. But we let him run the gauntlet of the BRX girls on Salisbury Plain the other day and he was very good when they told him off.  Don’t think it had occurred to him that not everybody enjoys having their bottoms pinched by impish Irish boys, however good-looking they are.

We think Seamus would be great, then, in a home with a steady male or bossy bitch to remind him of his manners.  Once told he does seem mortified (if not for terribly long..!) Seamus is a very bright boy who will need a home that can set him boundaries. There’s no malice in him - just youthful cheekiness that will lead to him running rings round someone who is too soft with him.

If you are interested in Seamus,  please email asap.  He is being fostered nr Andover in Hampshire.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Seamus, which includes the cost of his transport from Ireland, vaxing, flea-treating, microchipping. Neutering him when he is a little older will be a condition of rehoming. 

(added 31/3/11)