Shadow... don’t be put off by the top pic. This is a really lovely, soft, playful and affectionate young lab/collie x who adores people, children, adults and dogs and is in desperate need of a new home.

Shadow, who is about a year old, is owned by a family that keeps her tethered on a short leash by an outside kennel.   We think she is rarely, if ever, walked, and she yearns to play with any passing dog.

She is spayed, vaccinated and, we’re told, house-trained.  Her recall is also, apparently, pretty good.

More on this very deserving girl as soon as we get it.

UPDATE 5/5/08

Shadow arrived last weekend and is currently with us in Wiltshire at BRX HQ.  To see this young lady (we now know she’s two years old) experience real freedom and fun for the first time in her life has been a joy.  You can see her thinking... wow... you mean I can run off and explore those woods..? And swim...? And I can run around the garden playing with Tickle...? And I can come inside and GET ON A SOFA!!!

For the first two days, she was having such a great time she wouldn’t let herself sleep. For the next three days, she would snatch a few minutes but then be up wanting to play or asking for love.   It was only on her fifth day here that she has finally chilled out and  as I write this, Shadow is flat out at my feet, snoozing.   Phew... 

She’s such a nice girl - extremely affectionate, pretty obedient,  knows basic commands, is quick to learn, house-trained and not bad off-lead (she goes off to explore but keeps returning to check on you) In fact, she’s so thrilled that  someone wants her that if you call her name she usually comes flying.  She cowers a bit if you raise an arm near her but it’s a little bit less as every day passes.

Shadow is not in the least food-possessive and is getting on well with the resident BRX dogs. She was a little snatchy with toys with the other dogs to start with, but this has resolved in the past couple of days and she now proffers them up for a game of tug’o’war.  Tickle had to tell her off for being a bit too boisterous, but since then she’s minded her Ps and Qs.

Shadow loves the car and, with care, we think she could be trained to accept cats as she’s eager to please (although not a pushover).  She would love the company of another dog as she loves to play and would be the perfect addition for an active family willing to commit a little time to training... She might be a bit boisterous for very young children, but would be great with older ones.

Shadow looks mostly like a labrador, but has a longer, slightly coarse (and shinier by the day) coat. She loves to play ball and retrieves well. All in all, she’s more “together” than we expected given her history, and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for an affectionate, active family dog.

If you are interested in Shadow,, please email asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Shadow, which includes the £65 it cost to transport her from Ireland .

(added 5/4/08)