Sheba...  is probably a shepherd/collie mix, about three years old,  and was surrendered to a rescue in Ireland by her elderly owner who found her too strong on a lead to take out  for a walk. As a result, Sheba is a bit of a barrel at the moment, but she is growing more sylph-like by the day in her UK foster home where she is enjoying very long walks (and very short meals!) And when she’s lost the weight, she will have a gorgeous body to match that gorgeous head...!

Sheba is just about perfect:  a sweet-natured, gentle, well-behaved, easy-going but playful girl who  is house-trained, gets on well with people and dogs, and loves her walks. She loves a game, too (and apparently adores water!) but if you’re busy, will happily amuse herself or settle beautifully.  She’s quiet as a mouse at night and can be left for short periods during the day.

Foster-dad Nick has quickly sorted her pulling on a lead. Off-lead she bounds around but her recall is pretty good.

We don’t know yet what she’s like with children (almost certainly will be fine) and we think with  careful introduction will accept cats as she has a placid nature.  She  has been spayed and her vaccinations are up to date. She is being fostered in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

Sheba has all the makings of a perfect family dog. If you are interested in her, please email

There is a £125 adoption fee for Sheba, which includes the £65 it cost to transport her to the UK from Ireland.

(added 20/2/08)