SKYE (was Toddy)... landed in Dunboyne Pound three weeks ago and she was just too pretty to resist (see bottom pic of her in the pound).

I’m delighted to report that absolutely everything about Skye is gorgeous. She’s a gentle, loving, affectionate, well-behaved, calm girl who would fit in just about anywhere and would be great with even the youngest of children.

Skye is between one and two years old, is fab off-lead as well as on, housetrained,  great in the car, fine to be left for a couple of hours, quick to learn everything and wonderful with the other dogs - even the little ones here who are a bit nervous of black GSDs after having been monstered by Kizzie a year ago.

Skye loves to play, but is respectful if there are no takers. We think she is trainable re cats - she didn’t react at all when she saw one in the street and she does not have a strong prey-drive other than being a bit interested in birds.

Her only fault is that she will chew just about anything small you drop - including loose change - although has shown no inclination towards shoes, socks or any of the more usual targets.  She eats like a horse (and needs to as she arrived very underweight).

Skye has a gorgeous, soft, shiney coat and is a very affectionate, loyal girl who loves a cuddle but doesn’t pester. She would be just perfect for someone who works outside as she loves to accompany you and doesn’t stray far. If they also happened to have another nice young dog for her to play with, Skye would be in heaven.

Really, they don’t come better than this. We absolutely love her and she’d be a “keeper” for us if we didn’t already have so many!

Skye is fully-vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and microchipped. We are not sure if she is spayed and so rehoming is conditional on a commitment to spay her three months after she comes into season if it happens.

UPDATE 31/311

Skye has been such a wonderful dog to have here that we were very sad to see her go. Skye, too, has found the move a little traumatic, but we have found what we think is the perfect home for her with Cathryn, who is a trainer with Hearing Dogs, and will be able to iron out Skye’s very small issues (a bit woofy in the car and a slightly inclination to chase cars)

A really wonderful dog this one - very special indeed, and Cathryn admits she is already totally head over heels with her.  Skye is her first dog and I can’t think of a better choice.

We look forward to receiving lots of updates and pix. 

(added 22/2/11)