SLANE... is a handsome young chocolate spaniel/setter mix boy who landed in Dundalk pound in Ireland two weeks ago. He’s a lively, affectionate sweetie who loves people and gets on very well with other dogs.

More than that we don’t know but he arrives this coming Thursday and we will update as soon as we have more info.

UPDATE 5/9/10

Slane arrived yesterday and he’s smashing . Although his Irish rescuer think he looks settery, we think he looks almost entirely spaniel  He is springer-sized but with solid liver cocker colouring, with very striking light eyes.

Slane is a youngster - perhaps about a year old - and after a teensy bit of initial nervousness is great with other dogs. He hasn’t had much if any training so his new home will need to commit to this, but he’s a very nice affectionate  boy getting on really well at his foster home in Ludgershall in Wilts.  We’re not sure yet if he is housetrained but there have been no accidents so far and also, fairly rare in a young male dog that has only just been castrated, no attempts to mark inside the house.

UPDATE 20/10/10

Rehomed! Slane is now called Cooper and he has gone to live with Lisa and Barry in Berkshire where he is proving a wonderful (if occasionally irritating) friend for their liver flatcoat Fletcher who was in the dumps following the death of an older companion. Cooper is a fantastic ambassador for retrieverx and if I had ten of him, with his disposition (unwaveringly happy, with shameless flirting, wagging, kissing and good looks thrown in) I would have found homes for all of them (someone who was not kidding, offered me money to have him!). He is an absolute star - he certainly has turned out to be absolute perfection for this household.”

“Coop's got a lovely habit (which I indulge), of having evening cuddles - this happens after supper (he still wolfs down like there will not be another meal coming), and I sit on the sofa, he comes and steps up to cuddle, I won't let him sit on me, but he comes and puts his head on my shoulder, and nestles for about 5/10 mins until I get up or fed up - I am sure he would do it all evening if he could.

Fletcher and Cooper are now known in our Sunday pub as the dynamic duo, and their bond makes my heart happy - other then cuddle time, or when Coop is just being too silly, they are found side by side, or in very near proximity.  Fletcher has taken on the mantle of mentor brilliantly, and it's very funny to see Cooper wrestling him, pulling and pushing him, just as Fletcher did to Moses - I can almost see/hear Fletcher's rather resigned voice saying ‘Now lad - that's enough...’”

A huge thank you to Lisa and Barry - and Fletcher - for taking this fab boy under their wings.

(added 29/8/10)

Left + above: Slane in Ireland and, below, very happy in his new home in Berkshire