SMILER + ANNIE... are adorable brother and sister spaniel/collie x’s who have a sad story to tell (so stop right here if you’re the type to let your heart rule your head...)

Smiler and Annie were surrendered into the pound in Ireland some months ago when their 89-yr-old owner died. The family didn’t want them - and didn’t even know their names. They were saved from being put to sleep by an Irish rescue that has a soft spot for oldies - but they’ve turned out to be frauds... Their colouring makes them look old, but their teeth and energy levels tell a different story. We now think they are only about 6/7 yrs old.

They are littermates who would be lost without each other - they sleep together and groom each other - so they must go to a home together.  They have the occasional minor domestic over food but otherwise are devoted. Smiler is the more outgoing - very affectionate and would happily sit at your feet all day and smile up at you. Annie is more independent but also affectionate (just more on her terms..!)

They are an easygoing, easy-to-manage, biddable pair who get on well with other dogs, love their walks and have good recall.  They were treated with kindness by their elderly owner so have no issues. Both are neutered and vaccinated.

Smiler and Annie have now been without a home to call their own for months and it would be just lovely to see them settled.  Although we usually prefer homes where there’s someone at home most of the day, we reckon these two would be fine on their own for up to four hours at a time.

UPDATE 25/9/08

Just a quick note  to say that these two have passed a cat-test! They were only mildly interested and made no attempt to lunge or chase. Annie is also good with children, although Smiler hangs back, a little nervous (they have led a very sheltered life and we don’t think they’ve ever seen little ones before!)

UPDATE 18/10/08

Some new pix of the pair... (and a very scary one of Smiler... is that how he got his name? Not the first word that would have popped into my head...)

Could anyone help this very deserving pair...? If you can, please contact as soon as possible.

There will be  an adoption fee of  just £150 for the pair, which includes the £130 it costs to transport  them from Ireland.

(added 9/9/08)

They’re friendly... honest!