SNOOPY... is a happy spaniel/collie x boy, about four years old - no great shakes to look at, perhaps, but  a lovely little guy.

Snoopy was surrendered into an Irish  pound last week  - we don’t know why but think it’s probably just due to owners not having any time for him - he was matted and in need of a good groom.  He had such obvious kerb appeal that Martina, who runs Dunboyne Dogs Rescue, got him into a foster home straight away. “I just couldnt leave him there as his tail was wagging so much,” she says.

Snoopy is now in foster in Ireland and we’ll have more info about him shortly, but all the early signs are that this boy is adorable - well-behaved, great with people and excellent with other dogs. If you missed out on Lucy, this boy is similar in both size and personality.

Snoopy is fully-vaccinated and neutered and will be arriving in the UK in the next two weeks.

UPDATE 18/9/09

Well, what can we say other that “Wow!”... our Snoopy may not have film-star looks and he is a little overweight at the mo, but he is  totally divine - really, the perfect family dog. Brilliant with people, children and dogs; great in the car; good on-lead; sticks close enough off-lead (while still emjoying himself); house-trained; settles brilliantly in the house and is up for a game when you are.  And Snoopy is such an sweet, affectionate, happy little soul - tail never stops wagging. Can’t fault this guy - well, except that he is definitely slightly too interested in cats.

Snoopy is small-to-medium sized and will fit in almost anywhere.  He is being fostered with us in Wiltshire.

UPDATE 20/9/09

New pix added - intended to show that Snoopy  is ‘just’ a small,  rather boxy collie x.  But somehow in the September sunshine he’s come out looking rather gorgeous!  As you can see, he has the sweetest, kindest face. But please note that Snoopy is not a retriever and anyone expecting something that looks like a flatcoat may be disappointed. If, however, you’re just looking for an adorable addition to the family who will fit seamlessly into your current set-up, this is your man....

If you are interested in Snoopy, please email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £125 for Snoopy, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  him from Ireland. 

UPDATE 5/10/09

Snoopy has been rehomed to a lovely family in West Sussex. Many thanks to Penny, Toby and son Matthew for giving this little guy a great new life enjoying nearby beaches, woods and lovely long walks on the Sussex Downs. Sounds like it’s all going swimmingly (literally... Snoopy loves the water!). 

(added 30/8/09)