SOOTY... wins this year’s prize for the least politically correct name and I am sure his new family will want to change it. But this is the  moniker that this young, lively black labrador boy answers to at the moment. We’re told he isn’t 100 per cent labrador but he looks very close to us; perhaps with a smidge of pointer in there.

Sooty is just under a year old and was surrendered to Drogheda Dog Rescue in Ireland a couple of months ago.  The poor lad had been left in a back garden for 24 hours a day.

Sooty is active and headstrong (as you would expect after having been locked up for so long) but is brilliant with children and adults and great with other dogs. He’s currently in foster in Ireland where he’s learning to live in a house and some basic manners. He’s doing well and will be arriving with us shortly.

Sooty is fun, playful, a bit cheeky and will need an active home that can set him boundaries and commit to his ongoing training.  He is fully vaccinated and neutered.

UPDATE 17/10/09

The new pix show the pointer bit of Sooty, whose arrival has been a little delayed.

But this gorgeous youngster will arriving with us in the next couple of weeks, and here’s the latest report from his Irish foster home.  Clearly a lovely, agile, lively boy... absolutely perfect for an active family who wants a fun addition to the family and has some time to put into his training.

“Sooty is an active and excitable dog, he is playful, mischievous, affectionate and loves attention. He has lots of potential for a great family pet, but still needs a lot of

training and exercise to keep his energy drained.

“Sooty would be an ideal active family dog, he may be too boisterous for small children. My own children are used to dogs, and at 7 and 11 years old, have great fun with him.

“If Sooty is to be left regularly,  he would be better placed with another energetic dog for both play and company, as he tends to bark if he is left on his own.

“Sooty has never shown any aggression, gets on well with other dogs, like to chase cats, but he is learning to leave the cat alone.

“Typical Labrador/pointer, he is very guided by his nose and his tummy, and

this can be an advantage when training.

“Sooty now knows his name and generally comes on recall now, however if he

gets a scent it is difficult to distract him,

and therefore I would only let him off the lead in an enclosed area.

“Sooty now knows the commands to sit, out, down, no, however if in an

excitable state they may need reinforcing.

He is clever but seems to have a little Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

Disorder going on!

“Sooty needs supervision while in the house, as he takes a while to settle down, and will try and get to any food on counters or table.

“He is also still in the chewing stage, and will go with shoes, boots,bottles, bedding, & so needs lots of toys to play with. Other than marking his territory initially he seems to be house trained.”

Some of Sooty’s liveliness is down to the fact that he is being left during working hours at his foster home in Ireland - not ideal for a youngster with his boundless enthusiasm!   We are sure that in a home with someone around most of the day, plenty of exercise and perhaps and another dog to play with he will soon transform into a model canine being! And how lovely that will be to witness after the very sad start Sooty has had to his life.

UPDATE 29/11/09

Poor Sooty... because we’ve not had anyone interested in him, we’ve been unable to bring him over and  very sadly he’s now in kennels and very unhappy.  We’re desperate to bring him over before Christmas (kennels a grim place to be at the best of times) so are now desperate for someone to come forward, even if only temporarily, to offer this boy a chance.

UPDATE 24/2/10

Yay! Sooty has arrived - and thank you SO much to Rebecca for fostering this lively lad. So what do we make of him? Well, first off, he’s a cracker to look at - a beautiful boy who floats over the ground - and his tail hasn’t stopped wagging since he arrived. His other strengths are that he loves everyone (although will bark when strangers arrive), his recall is good off-lead (can’t believe his luck that anyone wants him!)  and he can stand up and walk on his hind legs. Very amusing that last bit!  He also really does pick up things quickly... But he DOES have a lot to learn... how to be patient... how not to thieve of the sideboard... how not to pull on a lead... how not to jump over the child-gate... and how to resist the free-range chickens...

Sooty will need an experienced, active home that will relish bringing him on and love his liveliness.  The reward is a beautiful  characterful boy who will be a real credit once he’s learned to focus.

UPDATE 5/3/10

Well, young Sooty has come on a treat - a mix of lots of walks and kind guidance has worked wonders in the last week.  He’s learned to ignore the chickens and the rabbit and he is very good with other dogs too, although if they bark or are aggressive towards him he dance round and bark back at them (there’s no aggression though). He’s very much a country dog (his nose is glued to the ground and he loves nothing better than investigating copses for rabbits!) so we are looking for a rural home for him where he can have lots of off-lead walks.

Sooty has a soft mouth and is very sweet with children (although perhaps a little exuberant for very little ones).

Sooty needs a home that can continue with his  training but he’s not the project we fist thought as he picks up things so quickly. He really is a lovely, lively, very affectionate boy.

We’re really keen to get Sooty into his forever home as soon as possible, so if you’re tempted, please email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Sooty, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  him from Ireland. 

(added 30/8/09)