STAR... is a gorgeous black retriever x who was picked up as a stray in Sligo in Ireland and has not been reclaimed.

Star is between one and two years old and a big and bouncy boy who is very smiley with people and generally very enthusiastic about life. He is housetrained and knows “sit” but otherwise is typical of a young dog that people have not put much time into. He pulls strongly on the lead and will need a home that can firm boundaries in place and commit to his training.

More info and pix on the way.

UPDATE 29/10/10

New pix show Star to be a really beautiful boy - possibly a golden retriever x. He was neutered earlier this week.

Star arrives with us on Friday 5th November.  We  urgently need a foster for him  -  given the date, ideally somewhere away from fireworks as they might be a bit much for any newly arrived dog.

UPDATE 22/11/10

Rehomed! Such a lovely boy - no wonder his foster home decided they liked to keep him. A big thank you to Roger and Bev for taking Star (now called Paddy) into their hearts. This young man has settled in brilliantly and he is getting on famously with Bella - a young gentle giant of a newfie/rottie cross!

Here’s the latest from his new home:

He is very lively and loves playing with toys, going for walks and has a great relationship with Bella, although he spends a lot of time with his nose up her bum, which we hope will gradually reduce as his hormones settle down. Other than that he is no trouble, but is a bit mischievous so you have to watch where you put things! Typical of his collie background, he is very alert and seems quite intelligent but needs plenty of stimulation. We are going to start some training for him soon and think he would be an ideal candidate for flyball.”

(added 26/10/10)