BEN... (was Steven) is not quite our usual fare, but we loved the look of him so offered to take him.  He’s a divine lad who was surrendered to Dunboyne pound last week after his owner died. Poor boy.  But he won’t be waiting long for a new home for this lad is just gorgeous - well-behaved, affectionate, great with other dogs... a very nice, well-mannered boy who has clearly been well looked-after and loved.

Not quite sure how old he is - but he’s a young dog. Lots of labrador in there, poss with pointer.

UPDATE 1/8/10

Such a handsome boy... Ben has long legs, a silky-smooth coat and eyes to die for.  A personality to match too - Ben is an affectionate, calm, well-behaved, biddable boy. He’s good on lead, even better off-lead, lovely with people and great with other dogs. We reckon he’s between two and four years old - settled but still playful, a lovely dog who will be a wonderful addition to just about any home.

A big thank you to Jan for taking him for his first few days, and to Lucy, Simon and Eve near Chichester with whom he is now being fostered. He’s getting on fabulously with their dog Duma!

More pix to come in the next few days.

UPDATE 29/8/10

New pix reveal what a lovely chap this boy is(such beautiful kind eyes)  and he’s proving a great house guest with Lucy, Simon and Eve. He is now much more playful  so we think he’d love a home with another dog (or the opportunity for lots of contact with other dogs). And if it’s by water so much the better (he loves it!) . He’s proving to be a fantastic retriever too!

Ah, and  he’s rather afraid of cats. ..he bolted the other day when a cat under a car swiped him. Rather revealingly we thought, he legged it to the pub (It’s true.. fostering our dogs can sometimes drive people to drink!)

UPDATE 20/10/10

New pix added!

Not quite sure why this chap hasn’t been snapped up - he really is lovely... hopefully the new pix will give him a boost!

If you are interested in Ben, please email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Ben, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland. 

(added 24/7/10)

Above: gorgeous Ben - fit and sleek at his foster home in Chichester.

Below: an anxious boy in Dunboyne Dog Pound