Tangle...  Just look at that face... This is a wonderful older boy, between 8-10 years young and a medium-sized, chunky spaniel’setter x (we think...).  Tangle has a bit of a story to tell., so if you’re sitting comfortably, do check it out on the BRX Blog.

Surrendered by his owners, Tangle had the weight of the world on his shoulders when he first arrived but he is quickly blossoming into a real star. He is just lovely - a real gent and the perfect dog for someone who wants an easy, affable companion but perhaps doesn’t want to yomp for miles over mountains.  Tangle loves a walk and is sprightly-enough for his age, but he is also pretty happy pottering around the garden.  And if can offer a rug and a warm fire he could curl up in front of, his life would be complete.

Tangle is now deaf and  but I’ve waited until the third paragraph to mention this because he manages just fine - although he will need a home away from any chance of busy traffic as, obviously, he cannot hear approaching cars.  He would also, of course, make a rotten guard dog :-)

Tangle doesn’t want to stray far from you and keeps checking where you are.  He’s house-trained, well-mannered,  settles well, great on and off a lead and  is brilliant with other dogs and people big and small - although because of his deafness, he would be better with older children who are less likely to surprise him.

He will need a secure garden and would love the company of another, hearing dog to help guide him but he’d also be fine on his own, ideally with someone at home all day.

Tangle is neutered, vaccinated, and has had a thorough vet-check. Apart from being a bit podgy, he is in very good health for his age.

Tangle came to us as an emergency and is currently is kennels - no place for an older boy and we’d love to get him into either a foster or a forever home asap.

UPDATE 30/1/08

Great news - we’ve found Tangle a foster home (thank you Jenni!) and he went there today so the fella is enjoying some home comforts and the company of two collie x girls - for the first time in, well, who knows how long? I say old but, wonderfully, Tangle is getting younger by the day. Jon has been taking him out for long walks and he gets more confident and sprightly as every day goes by. He now holds his head up high and trots along with a real spring in his step. In fact so much so that we now think he’s more like 7 or 8 rather than the 10 we originally thought.

UPDATE 8/2/08

Tangle’s time with foster mum Jenni was cut short last week due to a bereavement in her family so he is now with us at BRX HQ where he has won everyone over - even grumpy old Luka who is not tolerant of other males.

Tangle really is just lovely - and not completely deaf after all.  He can hear a loud shout and barking and if you clap your  hands loudly he comes running up to you with his tail wagging.  He’s clearly loving his time here - eating well, getting more playful day by day, and he loves to curl up beside you on the sofa.  He’s also really loving his walks (the frosty pix at the bottom were taken one early morning on Salisbury Plain this week.  An easy-peasy, affectionate boy who really is as good as gold.  He has a few years under his belt but just think: no house-training, no need for classes or massive walks.

UPDATE 28/2/08

Tangle has had a couple of offers, but nothing quite right so far, so he’s still looking.  Nothing much new to report - he’s still divine and seems to take everything in his stride. We managed to temporarily lose him (our fault...) on Salisbury Plain last week and retraced our steps to find him in a copse cadging breakfast off a group of soldiers!  He does really love human company (oh, and food...) and is happiest lying at your feet or curled up next to you on the sofa. Do check out the new picture of him  we took yesterday (the headshot at the bottom of the page) . His gungey eyes are now totally cleared up and he looks so much younger and brighter than when he first arrived, doesn’t he?

UPDATE 5/5/08

So how come Tangle is still with us? In truth, he has had several offers, but it has taken Tangle three months to come out of his shell with us and we want to be sure that the home he goes to is somewhere he can continue to blossom.  It needs to be a home where there is someone around most of the time who understands that Tangle isn’t the life and soul of the party but does enjoy quiet companionship. Tangle also needs access to a garden where he can amble in and out as he pleases, plus a sofa or cosy bed where he can doze for hours.  He would not particularly enjoy boisterous youngsters, two-legged or four.

Finally, his new home need to accept that Tangle is vet phobic and may need to be sedated to have any treatment. (We had to sedate him to clipped his claws last week as he has clearly been very traumatised by this in the past. The great news, though, is that new blood tests done at the same time reveal that he is in great shape with no underlying problems.)

He’s a gorgeous old fella and if you can offer him all this, we’d love to hear from you: please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk.

Given Tangle’s age and because we didn’t have to pay his transport costs from Ireland, we are asking for an adoption fee of only £65.

(added 27/1/08)