TARKA... is a purebred black labrador, about 10 months old,

who was found straying on a riverbank near Dundalk at the end of September and taken to Dundalk Dog Pound. As you can see from the pix on the left, he was absolutely terrified - and in pain from an injury to his left hind leg.

Unfortunately, he snapped at the Dog Warden and was listed to be put to sleep. We offered to give him a chance after seeing these pix as we couldn’t see anything other than fear - and were delighted when he proved to be fine with women.

He arrived with us last week - not without incident, as you can see from the video below...

Tarka is currently in foster in West Wickham (thank you to Lynn and Richard and family!) and  is being seen by a specialist next week to see what we can do for his leg.

He is a very sweet, obedient and, not surprisingly, rather needy boy who has not put a paw wrong since being in foster.  He has even coped well with being seen by a local (male) vet. We are confident he will make a wonderful pet, but will not be making any decisions about his future just yet.

UPDATE 25/10/10

Tarka is proving a very good boy - if a little frustrated by the enforced lack of exercise.  He absolutely loves children and his fear of men certainly doesn’t extend to his foster dad Richard who he follows everywhere.

Tarka has an appointment with “bionic vet” Noel Fitzpatrick this Thursday and we’ll know more after then... fingers crossed.

UPDATE 22/11/10

Sadly, there isn’t anything to be done for Tarka’s leg. The injury is two fractured bones on his lower leg (the metatarsals), but it is now too well-healed to do anything about it. The good news is that vet Noel believes that, after 12 weeks lead-walking only, he will only be left with a slight/occasional limp and that he will manage very well.

And Tarka is now rehomed.. to his fosterers who have given Tarka so much love and stability since he arrived. A huge thank you to Richard and Lynn who have taken this gorgeous boy under their wing and into their hearts.

And as for the supposed aggression? Not a single sign of it since he arrived with his foster family...

(added 20/10/10)