TIGER (was Shiloh)... we couldn’t resist this young lad’s face when he landed in Dunboyne pound in Ireland, even though he doesn’t fit our bill, and we’re very glad we couldn’t.  Tiger is just divine - almost certainly a lab x and very retrievery in nature; a sweet, gentle, calm boy who is fab with everyone and other dogs.

We think Tiger is between one and two years old and he’s a gorgeous looking boy with a lovely soft coat and beautiful markings. Someone docked his tail when he was born - a real shame - but it doesn’t really detract from his handsomeness.

Tiger is housetrained, settles well in the house,  loves his walks, is good on a lead, comes when called when off it - a well-behaved boy who loves a cuddle.

What more could anyone want?

Tiger is not yet neutered (he’s young and submissive so we’re hesitating a bit in the light of growing scientific research that indicates that  neutering isn’t the right thing to do for all dogs).  He is wormed and fully-vaccinated and is being fostered nr Southampton (thank you Jo!)

UPDATE 1/3/11

Tiger is a very loving, very soft boy... good on and off-lead. He loves - and is very good with - other dogs and we are pretty sure he would be trainable with cats.  He does suffer from separation anxiety which manifests in barking if he is left, even if only for a short time (no great surprise in a dog that has been through such terrible upheaval in the past few weeks) so he is looking for a home where there’s someone around most of the time.

This gorgeous boy would be fab with children and we feel he would also do best with another dog for company and reassurance - and to teach him how to play. Tiger just looks at a ball or a soft toy as if it’s something that’s landed from another planet.. (But he will learn..)

UPDATE 4/3/11

Some new pix of Tiger and just look a the transformation... amazing what good food, love, walks and a warm bed does for a dog.  And isn’t his colouring just amazing?  What’s in him? I have to confess that I am so flummoxed that I am going to send his pix to a an expert in coat colour genetics to see what she thinks. But, nature wise, this boy is all gentle-lab.

If you are interested in Tiger, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Tiger, which includes the cost of transporting him from Ireland.

(added 22/2/11)

Above, a very anxious boy (with good reason) in Dunboyne pound. Below, what a transformation... Tiger in foster nr Southampton