TOBY... is gorgeous 5mth-old retriever x boy who was surrendered by a family who were looking for rather more of a lap dog... (he’s sporting a rather bling collar!) Not great pix, here, but they give an idea.

Toby is a smasher -  terrific with people and other dogs. He’s lived with young children but is bouncy and playful as you would expect at this age.  Given some probable collie ancestry he  is unlikely to ever be a couch-potato - perfect for a family with an active lifestyle who would be keen to bring on a lively, bright youngster and can commit to training.

Toby is medium-sized but still has some growing to do.  He appears to be house-trained (but the rescue he is with in Ireland has - wait for it - 17 dogs in the house with them so it can be a little hard to identify the culprits of any misdemeanour!). He is fully vaccinated but not  yet neutered (he’s too young - but it will be a condition of his rehoming).  He arrives with us next week so if you’re interested in Toby either as a foster or a forever home, please email asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Toby, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland. 

(added 24/2/10)