Whisper... was surrendered to Ashton Dog Pound last month along with her pup who has already been rehomed (a rather unlikely looking son - the result of am amorous liaison with a Jack Russel, perhaps!). Whisper was surrendered due to a change in personal circumstances, not from any fault of her own.

Whisper is about three years old and a shy, gentle girl who is just beginning to blossom in her Irish foster home. Foster mum Muireann has this to say about her:

“She is an absolute dote. A bit wary of strangers which is the only time she barks really. She is house-trained. Loves her toys and walks. Loves running about the fields with my dog Socks. She gets on fantastically with all the dogs she’s met. She is very underweight but she is eating well and that should be sorted soon. Loves pigs ears and those filled white bones. And now she is used to me she loves cuddles and rubs. She’s bouncy and plauful, but not at all over the top.”

Whisper is vaccinated and will be spayed before she arrives in the UK. She has all the makings of a fabulous family pet.

We will upload more info and better pix asap!

UPDATE 26/3/08

We’ve had a slightly anxious moment with Whisper this week as her Irish foster home reported that she had bared her teeth at strangers.  But it turns out that she’s only done this twice, and on both occasions she was surprised by a large and rather loud man which proved a bit too much for a timid girl like her. Apart from these occasions, she’s been fine and happy to be approached by anyone.

Her foster mum is sure it was just a fear response and says she’s absolutely fine with children, although quite lively and bouncy so could inadvertently knock over very little ones.

Whisper was spayed today and will be arriving in the UK in a week or so’s time.

UPDATE 5/4/08

Great news on this girl... she’s settled really well  and although she’s not a bold dog, she’s much more confident. There has been no further fear response from her, and we’re happy to recommend her to any home that can dedicate the time to bringing her on.

Her pup (now grown) is now back with her and the two get on and play together really well, so if anyone would be interested in taking Whisper’s unlikely looking son, too, please let us know. He’s a lively, very affectionate boy - huggy and full of kisses.

UPDATE 5/5/08

Whisper’s puppy has now been rehomed, and Whisper has been fine without him - if anything a little more confident and happy without a pup to protect.  The bottom picture shows her playing with a black collie x called Socks, with whom she’s sharing her foster home. (Socks is the one on the right - an almost identical dog!)

Whisper is an affectionate, active girl who gets on great with other dogs but we feel might settle best in a home on her own,

If you are interested in offering Whisper either a foster home or a forever home,  please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There is  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Whisper, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland .

(added 23/3/08)