WILMA.. is a real sweetie - a small black lab girl who landed in Dunboyne dog pound as a stray 10 days ago and has not been reclaimed (pix of Wilma in the pound at the bottom of the page)

She is a star - a gentle, super-polite, easy girl in very good condition, we think about 1.5yrs old.

Wilma is just her pound name, by the way, so it can be changed!

UPDATE 28/3/10

Wilma arrived with us three weeks ago and she is lovely.  She may not be quite purebred, but she has a very typical lab nature - playful, biddable and very affectionate.  Wilma absolutely melts if you cuddle her.

Wilma is a fast learner, too - housetrained/crate-trained after a couple of days and very quick to fit into the routine here.

Wilma loves to be with you but settles very well on her own too. She’s great in the car, great on walks... well, great everywhere really - a lovely, easy family dog.  She pulls a bit on the lead, and her recall could be a bit snappier, but  a bit of training will sort this. The only small issue is that she will guard her food (not against people - just dogs), but this has eased considerably since she arrived as she’s learned that she doesn’t have to compete for food.

Ideally, we would like Wilma to go to a country home and with another playful dog as she just adores playing (as you can see from the picture of her here with our Jake)  - or where there is plenty of opportunity to socialise with other dogs.

If you are interested in Wilma , please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Wilma, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland. 

UPDATE 4/4/10

Wilma went to her new home in Cornwall yesterday, to live with Anne and Mark and their rescue springers Barney and Freddie (a bit of a Flintstones thing going on here!). They walks on the Moors and live right by the sea which she is going to love as she’s been throwing herself into the puddles on Salisbury Plain!

(added 5/3/10)

Below: Wilma in Dunbonye pound in early March -

poor girl looked so worried....