WOODY...  is a fab young red setter x boy who arrived with us just before Christmas with his sister, Coco, who has now been rehomed. (There are some pix of her at the foot of the page.)

Woody is gorgeous - lively, and a leeetle naughty, and he still chews a bit (not if he’s tired or busy, though), but he’s also an incredibly sweet, loving, snuggly, cheery, enthusiastic and open boy who is eager to learn; perfect for an active family that can put a bit of time into him and really appreciate this boy’s joie de vivre.

Our best guess is that Woody is a setter x collie. He is about 7-9 months old now; knows sit, wait, “no” (he hears that quite a lot...), walks well on a lead (with the occasional reminder) and although his recall needs some work (he comes flying for a treat if no distractions but will trot off to go and say hello to other dogs, suddenly deaf to all calls ) he sticks pretty close - even when the main pack is off exploring some distance away.   He also has an endearingly magnificent set of whiskers (or vibrissae as they are more correctly known - “feeling” hairs that shouldn’t be trimmed as dogs use them to get around in low or no light.)

Woody has been with us at BRX HQ for about three weeks and has found his place in the pack (essentially, the bottom...) which has taught him to think before acting. Lessons learned include not trying to muscle in on Old Luka’s food bowl and that if you will insist on play-bow barking at Big Jake, it might sometimes result in game, but equally might result in being told off for being too impertinent.

An under-stimulated, bored Woody is a pain in the butt - but given a reasonable amount of exercise, some one-to-one attention and some training every day, Woody settles beautifully, particularly if he is allowed to snuggle up on the sofa. This really is a fab young chap for the right family - ideally with another dog for play and guidance, but we’d consider him as a solo dog given the right set-up. He’s lovely with children, but a bit too boisterous/mouthy for little ones.

If you are interested in Woody,  please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Woody, which includes the cost of his transport from Ireland, vaxing, flea-treating and microchipping. He’s not neutered yet - still too young - so this will be a condition of his rehoming once he’s over a year old (or we will neuter him if he’s still with us at that point).

(added 3/4/11)

Above: Woody’s sister, Coco...(the quiet one!) and below, the pair of them in December at Monaghan Pound where, unbelievably, they were on the PTS list