YOGI... is a great-looking boy who lost his eye some months ago when he was hit by a stone.  He’s been picked up straying before, but this week was surrendered by his owners to Dunboyne Pound who could no longer be bothered with him.   In real danger of being put to sleep, and with his chances of being rehomed from the pound pretty slim, we have offered him a place with us.

Yogi is a fabulous dog  - young, affectionate and great with people and other dogs.  He looks like a GSD/collie x;  others have suggested newfoundland/gordon setter.  But, actually, he also looks very like a hovawart.  But whatever his ancestry, he is retrievery in nature and has traffic-stopping good looks.  Only having eye does not, of course, hold him up at all.

UPDATE 5/5/08

Am I the only one who thinks Yogi is gorgeous..?  There’s been no interest in him so far and he arrives next weekend, so hopefully someone will come forward, perhaps to just foster him initially..? It would be great to get him into a home situation if possible.

Yogi is currently being kept in kennels and  keeps his kennel clean so we think he is house-trained. He really is fantastic with dogs of all ages and sizes, playful with the older ones and sweetly gentle with puppies.  He’s cuddly, very soft and loving and would prefer someone at home most of the day either another resident dog, or lots of opportunities to meet and play with other dogs.  He isn’t an escape artist, like some of our hooligans,  active but not hyper, and we think with care he could be introduced to cats as he doesn’t have a kneejerk prey-drive.

Good news re that eye, too: turns out he still has it - it’s just smaller than the other one. We don’t know for sure if he can see out of it yet, but it isn’t at all unsightly to look at.

UPDATE 18/5/08

Well Yogi arrives safely  on Friday morning and is with foster mum Rebecca, near us in Wiltshire.  He’s just lovely - a big puppy with a beautiful temperament who is terrific with people and other dogs.  We went for a long off-lead walk on Salisbury Plain yesterday which he loved, and he looks and smells a whole heap better for a wash and a brush-up. So much hair came out of him that we could have knitted another dog from it and now he looks fantastic and has a wonderfully soft, silky coat.

We’re off to the vet tomorrow to check out his right eye.  Not sure how much sight he has on that side as he bumps into you if he walks to heel on your left and his airm with his mouth is not spot-on. For this reason, we think it best not to rehome him with young children - he’s a softie but might just grab a hand by mistake.

The aptly-named Yogi is a big-boned boy with large paws - about the height of a lab, but longer and chunkier.  He’s quite babyish - we think about 10-12 months old.  We were told he was neutered but we’re not quite sure - something else to check out with the vet tomorrow.

If you’re interested in Yogi, please email

info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Yogi, which includes the £65 it costs to transport him from Ireland.

(added 11/4/08)