YOGI... is a gorgeous chocolate retriever x who was surrendered into Dundalk Pound by his distraught owners, devastated at having to give him up because, we’re told, of a serious illness within the family. How very sad for them. Yogi looks like a dog you would find very hard to give up. But hopefully we can make sure that he finds himself in a great new home as soon as possible.

Yogi is a lovely chap - a young boy who has been well looked-after  (he was surrendered with up-to-date vaccinations and he has been neutered).

Hard to tell from these pix how old he is or how big he is  but my best guess is that he is a retriever/spaniel x -  a springer/golden retriever mix perhaps.

UPDATE 30/6/10

Three  new pix of this lovely boy - who’s all we expected. Great with other dogs; great with people - a fantastic family dog is our Yogi. Not a mean bone in his body. We reckon he’s between 15 months and 2 years and he arrives with us next week.

UPDATE 10/7/10

Yogi arrived yesterday and he’s a real stunner... beautiful to look at and beautiful in nature, too.  Yogi is just lovely with people and other dogs and we’re sure he’d be great with children - a sweet, obedient, playful boy who bestows little kisses on everyone he meets.

Having finally met him, Yogi’s colouring and coat makes us think he might be a newfie x collie.  Whatever, he’s gorgeous - and being fostered near Portmsouth (thank you Jo and John!)

UPDATE 10/7/10

I don’t know... another failed foster home! Jo and Jon have decided to keep Yogi (well, to be fair, they were on our waiting list for a permanent dog). No surprise at all that they have fallen for this lovely lad who although more timid than expected (he had clearly never lived in a house and even the sight of a lampshade spooked him!) is just such a sweet, playful and loving boy.  Here’s the last report from Jo (pictured below with Yogi on her and John’s idyllic farm on top of a hill).

He is bounding around a very happy boy when relaxed - which is most of the time here (except when he accidently knocks over the guitar and scares himself witless!).

He continues to make friends with visitors and neighbours and especially with Shirley next door who has been looking after him when we're out without him. He has proved himself able to settle well with Kongs etc (not destructive) but Shirley is truly smitten and is taking him out to the field with her etc frequently. He has also been able to go into their side of the farmhouse in his own time which is encouraging. In due course we'll introduce him to the stables where my neice works (and used to have our old girl there on our one joint working day) so we've got another option for him (he's already fine with her and horses).

We took him to the sea today - he had a fab time -  didn't really seem to know about it to start with (waves a bit scary) but once he plucked up the courage and got the idea - wasn't sure he wanted to leave - if he hadn't been on the long line he might have been over with those folks on the IOW by now!  - really showed how skinny he is though once he was wet.

Did I mention that he's been humping his beds in the evening? Is this most likely to be boredom / hormones / attention seeking / habit? Do you tend to interrupt / ignore / distract? We haven't had the problem before.

He is certainly turning out to be quite a character!”

It was tempting to edit the bit out about the humping, but haven’t because it’s very common in newly-arrived rescues, especially ones that have recently been neutered .Our advice? Ignore... it will stop, we promise!  And, in the meantime, remove the bedding from the room when the vicar comes round...

(added 22/6/10)