CHARLIE (was Bisto)... is a handsome retriever x boy,  literally snatched from the jaws of death this week. His crime? To land in an Irish pound that has fallen out with the rescue organisation that normally saves the dogs if they are not reclaimed or homed from the pound. Others have stepped in to help but sadly not all the dogs have made it. Charlie was one of a lucky 14 dogs that were got out just in time.

Charlie is a surrender - and we don’t know why he was handed in to the pound, but he’s only a year old and fairly bouncy. Our best guess is that he simply outgrew the cute puppy stage and his original owners didn’t have the time to put in the effort needed with all young dogs. Or it could be that he’s just been introduced to the gun and is gunshy. At least these owners surrendered him to the pound rather than just dump him (as often happens).

Charlie is lovely with people - perhaps a bit too boisterous for very young children, but this could calm down considerably once he’s in a home situation (and it very often does).

More info/pix as soon as we can.  And we look forward to getting this fella a collar that actually fits him...

UPDATE 7/7/10

A second picture reveals that Charlie has a gorgeous head - and is in need of a good meal or two.  This poor lad is not at as boisterous as we first thought. Indeed, he is quite timid and has struggled in kennels - clearly really missing the owners who surrendered him.  He was also unlucky enough to be put in a run with a lurcher that had a pop at him, further rattling his confidence.  He was quickly moved to be in a run with lovely Yogi, who has proved a much more civilised kennel mate, and he has grown in confidence a lot in the last few days.

A very nice fella, this one, who we feel will soon blossom into a lovely family dog in a kind and patient home.

UPDATE 10/7/10

Bless... this poor lad arrived yesterday a rather lost soul and he is incredibly thin (see pic) - weight loss caused by the trauma of the past couple of weeks.

Charlie is a very responsive boy, though, who bonds easily and wants nothing more than to be with you - perfect for someone who wants a devoted companion .  He’s bright, and responsive , good with other dogs and he clearly loves children - a bit needy at the mo but beginning to chill out a bit more these eve. He is housetrained and settled well last night and walks well on a lead.

Charlie is being fostered by wonderful Rebecca and family (thank you!) just north of Marlborough in Wiltshire. Apart from being very skinny, he appears to be in good health.  Once he’s back up to his right weight, he will look very like a purebred lab. Perhaps with a smidge of beagle in there?

UPDATE 25/7/10

Did I say purebred lab - perhaps with a smidge of beagle? Ho-ho... Make that the other way round! Amazing what good food can reveal! Charlie has more beagle in him than we thought, we think - he’s quite a stocky chap. And a very athletic one, too, as you can see from the pix below!

It’s taken Charlie a couple of weeks to find his feet but he has now settled really well. He’s a very affectionate, very people-focused boy who is happiest if he can be with or near you - although he settles well at night on his own. He’s great on lead, has good recall (and really loves his walks - bombing off to explore but quickly bombing back again as he worries about losing you). He clearly loves children - very affectionate and licky - although is perhaps a bit too boisterous for non-dog-savvy little ones. He’s fine with other dogs, but is not that interested in them so we’re surely he’d be fine as an only dog (in fact we think he would love it, as long as he has human company for most of the day).

He’s an inveterate thief if food is left out and we reckon he’d have the hens given half the chance (and would chase cats), but he’s learned, albeit with the aid of a cold-water hose (!), to not try to eat the pet rabbit.

It is lovely to see this very nice boy, thanks to foster mum Rebecca’s skill and patience,start to put his past behind him and begin to blossom. He will make someone very happy.

UPDATE 21/10/10

Rehomed! Charlie is now living in Wiltshire with Sue and Alan... and after a bit of a bumpy start (their first dog and Charlie not really a novice dog) he is settling in really well. He’s living very close to us at BRX HQ which means we meet up for occasional walks and it’s lovely to see him clearly so loved, relaxed and happy!

(added 22/6/10)