Bliss... We have a bit of a soft spot for dogs that look like this (see Tickle and Baby) and Bliss was totally impossible to resist - despite being neither black nor a retriever - when she was picked up as a stray and taken to Dundalk pound in Ireland.  Astonishing to think that a beautiful young dog like this could be put to sleep - but that’s what would have happened to Bliss if we hadn’t stepped in.

Bliss is about five months old, probably a collie/GSD  x.  Incredibly pretty, gentle and sweet. But, of course, however promising, she needs a home that will have the time and patience to devote to a young dog.

UPDATE 13/3/08

Typical.... they send us a pic showing a dog with lop ears, we melt and say but OF COURSE we’ll take her.  And  next thing you know, a whole load of pix arrive of a very shepherdy looking girl with pricked ears.  But, wow, she’s a looker... And it sounds like she knows it :-)

Here’s what Bliss’s Irish foster mum has to say about her:  “ Bliss has boundless energy, but she is just a pup and it’s to be expected.   She needs some socialisation with other dogs as she has no doggie etiquette  - in her eagerness to play, she just tries to flatten everyone and she is srong-willed. She walks well on a harness but not so well on a lead. She learns quickly - sits, lies down, waits at traffic lights and is almost house-trained.  She is beautiful and a real character!”

So Bliss is a bit of a  cheeky miss and will need a reasonably experienced  home.  There’s a lot of potential here, though.

UPDATE 26/3/08

From Irish foster mum Lorraine:

She is doing great, happy and bouncy and healthy.  She has had her 7 in 1 and kennel cough vax and been checked out by the vets and she is in perfect health.

She needs training, consistency and some socialization. She is a very bright dog, eager to learn and very people orientated.

What she does not realize that every dog that she passes, when out walking, wants to play with her….  Or is allowed to play with her!  But I had a wee Cocker girl for 2 days with her who quickly put her in her place with regard to boundaries and jumping on her etc and she was a dream for those 2 days… 


“It’s impossible not to love her - she has the best expressions ever and makes the funniest noises like she is talking… she is adorable!

UPDATE 5/4/08

Bliss arrived last weekend and what a surprise... she is MUCH smaller than we thought (see bottom pic of her next to the Tango bottle!) . We were expecting a GSD/collie x and out of the van jumped a sheltie x!

Foster dad Nick  says she’s a real sweetie - affectionate, playful and full of life. She would make a terrific agility dog as she’s very quick and athletic. For this reason she’ll need a secure garden, someone at home most of the day and a family that can dedicate some real time to her training. Bliss is unlikely to ever be a couch potato - but she’ll be a delight for an active family who will enjoy teaching this girl the ropes.  She has all the makings of an absolutely fantastic family dog - a really beautiful girl, too.

Bliss is being fostered in Letchworth. If you are interested in her,  please email asap. 

There is minimum adoption fee of £125 for Bliss, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland.

(added 26/2/08)