Bob... is such a cracking lad and we very much hope the right new home will come along for him soon as he has been in kennels for a little too long - not that he complains at all because he’s a lovely, well-adjusted, easy-going boy who seems to take everything in his stride.

We suspect Bob has not been snapped up yet because he’s not terribly retriever-ish to look at, and we have to admit he is a little overweight (although mainly it’s his full coat - honest!) But Bob will make the most fantastic family dog  - perhaps not the best-looker on the block, but a real treasure.

Bob was surrendered to an Irish pound,  along with his friend Daisy, after their owner had a stroke and could no longer keep them  Unfortunately, the pound was so full that the decision was made to put poor Bob and Daisy asleep immediately (something we only hope their former owner, who must have been distraught at giving them up, wasn’t told...) Fortunately, we were able to step in at the very last minute and save both of them. 

Bob is a good boy with nice manners, between two and four years old. medium-sized and probably a spaniel/colliel x. He is full of beans but not boisterous, a friendly, happy, well-socialised chap. He is a little overweight at the moment as he didn’t get much exercise in his previous home (and he LOVES his food! )

Bob is currently in Lancashire and here’s what his foster mum Evelyn has to say about him: “My heart just goes out to these dogs - they are just so happy for any attention. Bob hasn’t had a hard time as many of the rescues have but he really needs to feel like he belongs. 

“Bob is quite a playfull chap and even though he is a bit of a pudding at the moment, he's the type that will just go with the flow and would fit in anywhere, I could imagine him with a young family where he would be happy to play with the children but he would be equally as happy as a couch potato.  He's the "you hum it I'll play it" type - if you know what I mean.”

Bob would be a great, easy-going addition to any family.  He has shown no interest in cats so far and is good with other dogs. He is vaccinated and has been neutered.

If you would like to know more this lovely chap, please email

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(updated 8/7/07)

Bob in Dundalk Pound - so close to being put to sleep.