Daisy... is a pretty, sweet, friendly, quiet collie//lab puppy - still only a baby (possibly as young as 4 months). She  was surrendered to an Irish pound, along with Bob, after their owner had a stroke. The pound was full and surrenders are always first to be put to sleep (because the law dictates that only strays must be kept for five days to give owners a chance to reclaim their dogs.)  Then, to everyone’s horror,  “put-to-sleep day” was brought forward a day because the pound was so full.  Daisy and Bob were top of the list.  Fortunately, we were alerted in the nick of time and managed to save them.

Daisy will make a great, medium-sized family dog - she is more like a lab than a collie in temperament:  easygoing, affectionate and very steady for one so young, although lacking in confidence when she is not with her friend Bob.   She gets on well with other dogs and has shown no interest in cats so far.

Daisy is now in Lancashire and here is what her foster mum Evelyn says about her: “Daisy has bags of confidence when she is with Bob and can be quite a cheeky littel girl but insecure when you get her on her own. She loves my husband Jim and follows him everywhere but of course these affections are easily transferred. She is very much a baby who loves to be cuddled.

“She will need a home where this is someone home most of the day, with a family who will not only love her and give her the security she needs but also be able to build her confidence.  Like Bob she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and is great with children and other dogs.

“Daisy goes out to play passing all the other dogs without a second look, even if she is being barked at, and when playtime is over she is quite happy to follow you back to her kennel, going straight in without any trouble and without a lead on.  She is a sweetheart who really does deserve a nice secure hom where she can feel she belongs and have all the comforts we take for granted for our own dogs.”

Daisy is vaccinated/wormed but not yet neutered (we think this will be kinder to do once she’s settled into her new home.) f you would like to know more about Daisy, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

The cost of transporting a dog from Ireland (which we organise) is £65 in addition to a voluntary adoption fee.

(updated 25/6/07)

Daisy in Dundalk Pound