DOMINO... has such a lovely kind face that we offered to take him despite the fact that  he has quite a bit of white on him and is short-haired.

He’s a youngster, an affectionate  lab x (perhaps with springe or pointer?) who is great with other dogs... and that’s about all we know at the moment. Ah, except that we have also offered to take Marcus, the black lab x he was sharing his cell with at Dundalk pound.  The pair get on famously (although we think have only just met) and keeping them together at least until they’re over here will help ease the stress.

More info and pix to come as soon as we get them!

UPDATE 14/10/08

Poor Domino... Like all the current batch of dogs from Dundalk pound, he was harbouring  kennel cough and unfortunately, he had a very severe reaction to being vaccinated. He was rushed to the vet where  he spent two days on a drip and it was very much touch and go. So much so that we were told he was unlikely to make it. His friend Marcus was also very sick and in the vets with him. 

Marcus then improved... but  they kept him in  the vets, fearing that Domino wold give up without his new-found friend.  And, amazingly, Domino has pulled through. Yay! The pair of them will be on their way to us next week (24th) and will be going in a foster home where we will assess whether they will be better homed together or separately.

Domino is, by all accounts, a really lovely, very affectionate boy. He has now been neutered.

If you are interested in Domino (and possibly Marcus too), please email asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for Domino, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  him from Ireland.  If the pair are rehomed together, we can negotiate a reduced fee for both.

(added 24/9/08)

Domino... back from the brink...

Side by side with Marcus...