MARCUS... is a nice young lab (not quite purebred, we think, but close...) who landed in Dundalk pound 10 days ago.

He’s a youngster - affectionate, playful and gets on very well with his cell-mate Dominio. That’s all we have him on at the moment but more info and better pix to come.

He looks really nice - and hopefully doesn’t really have green eyes.

UPDATE 14/10/08

Like all the current batch of dogs from Dundalk dog point, Marcus has been very sick - although not as sick as his friend Domino.  It turns out that both dogs were harbouring kennel cough when they were vaccinated and this can cause a severe reaction.   To be honest, we didn’t expect them to make,  hence the delay in updating their stories, so we’re absolutely thrilled they are now well on the mend.  The pair of them have struck up such a strong friendship.

They will be arriving on the 24th and will be going into foster where we will be assessing whether they should stay together or be rehomed separately.

If you are interested in Marcus, please email asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £125 for Marcus, which includes the £65 it costs to transport  him from Ireland.  We can negotiate if the pair are rehomed together!

(added 25/9/08)

Marcus with his friend Domino...