HEATHCLIFF...  and his sister Bronte (as the girls at Dundalk Dogs have rather romantically named this lovely pair) were found straying in a rural area in Ireland - probably dumped, surplus to requirements.

They are brother and sister,  clearly collie crosses, and under a year old. Heathcliff is more more confident than his sister and a friendly, very cuddly boy who can hardly believe his luck that someone is paying him some attention. 

We will almost certainly rehome the pair separately, but we would love to hear from someone who might be willing to foster them together when they first come over.

Heathcliff and his sister have known very little in their young lives so won’t be housetrained or lead-trained... but the collie ancestry will mean they will learn super-quick.

If you are interested in Heathcliff, either as a foster or a forever home, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

The adoption fee for Heathcliff is £180 (£150 + VAT), which includes his transport from Ireland, full vaccination, worming, flea-treating and neutering if appropriate.

(added 9/6/11)

Heathcliff (with the white blaze), with his sister, Bronte behind him.