JUNO arrived from Ireland in September and we rehomed her to a fabulous family in Dorset. Much to our surprise, she delivered nine puppies a month later... (see Juno’s puppies)

Unfortunately, the family’s elderly cat has been very traumatised by Juno’s appearance (although actually Juno is very good with cats) and so we have been asked to find her a new home.

Juno is between 18mths -two years old and a really lovely, and loving, bright and active small-to-medium spaniel/collie x who loves children. She’s also good with other dogs, and loves to play, although she will put an impertinent boy in his place if necessary.  She can also be a little bossy/territorial but it’s soon nipped in the bud as she’s trainable and very eager to please. So a very loving and soft girl - but not a pushover.

Juno has been a bit barky at passing lorries in her current home (solved instantly with a spray bark collar) and because she was found living rough in Ireland she has by default an independent nature. The first time we took her for a walk on Salisbury Plain she legged it - although she miraculously reappeared back at the car just as we did! After a few days, though,  she realised she could stick around with the rest of the pack and have just as much fun.

Juno has been a terrific mum but raising  nine puppies has taken a little a lot out of her . She now needs a fresh start and a bit of pampering in an active home which can offer both love and firm boundaries.

If  you are interested in Juno, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  an adoption fee of  £100 for  Juno.

(added 29/11/08)

Beautiful mum Juno