LIBBY... never appeared on our rehoming page as she came in as an emergency just over a week ago and we managed to find a fabuous home for her before we had a chance to get her up on the site.

Libby was rehomed to the UK as a puppy by the excellent Celtic Animal Lifeline who asked us for help when her home near us here in Wiltshire decided they could no longer keep her.

Although much loved by her adopting family, Libby was getting increasingly distressed by one of the children in her home, a young girl with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sadly, things reached crisis point a week ago.  There was no question of Libby biting, but she was very upset by the discord that can be a feature of an ADHD home and had started growling at the daughter (although was completely fine and very loving with the other two children, one older and one younger).

We managed to get Libby into an emergency foster home for the weekend (thank you Jo!) and she then came to us where she proved a little star  (she looks and behaves very like a GSD, but actually is much smaller - a GSD/collie x). Libby loves other dogs if introduced gently and has many strengths, including being brilliant off-lead (these pix are of her having a fantastic time on Salisbury Plain a few days ago), although having been raised in a female-only home she is very nervous of men.

We had a kind and gentle female home  in Cornwall lined up for the very timid Pearl, who is now not coming to us, so we asked them if they might be interested in Libby instead. They were and so we took Libby there yesterday where she proved to be an instant hit with new mum Anne and her 10-year-old lab/collie x boy Bruno.

Early days, but we are very hopeful that this will prove to be the perfect home for Libby and  we look forward to receiving updates!

(added 19/6/10)

Right: Libby as a pup in January 2009.

Below + above: on Salisbury Plain last week