MARLEY...  not the best of pix, but this is a very good-looking black retriever x boy, who looks very similar to Star (now Paddy) who we rehomed last year - and he’s from the same Irish rescue (Sligo Animal Welfare).

The pictures here show Marley with his owner, who adores him.  Unfortunately, his wife and children are terrified of dogs and they find Marley too boisterous so the poor boy has been banished to the garden.

Marley’s liveliness is nothing more than youthful exuberance  and a desperation to be loved that will settle once he’s in a home that can appreciate what a lovely guy he is.

He’s great with people and other dogs - and will probably do best in a home with another dog or dogs or guidance as he’s been on his own for a while.

UPDATE 22/5/11

Marley is now with us and currently toggling between two foster homes near Northampton and he’s doing really well.

Marley is a big and very nice chap who is house-trained and well-behaved - although he does have the occasional mad half hour and he can be strong on the lead when he sees other dogs. This is because he L-O-V-E-S other dogs and is desperate to play with them.

We are trying to decide whether he would be OK rehomed as an only dog or with other dogs (the latter is our instinct as he enjoys their company just so much) - but either way, we think it needs to be a home where there’s lots of opportunity to socialise.

UPDATE 5/6/11

Rehomed! Lovable Marley is stayng with his foster mum and dad, John and Jane, in Northampton. He’s settled briliantly with them, and loves being with John, who works from home, all day.  A big thank you to you both for taking this gorgeous boy into your  heart and home.

(added 31/3/11)