MO CHARA... is a stunning young setter x boy (3  yrs old) from Ireland who with RUA, was surrendered due to a marriage break-up.

Here is what his family says about him:

 Mo Chara (Gaelic for ‘my friend’) can be quite nervous of new people. But once you break the ice with some attention ie: rubbing or talking to him he will relax. He gets on well with other dogs well most of the time but again can become nervous. He is a great watch dog and a truly loyal friend. He is very obedient and loves learning new things.
He is a very bright dog and responds very well to instruction. Mo Chara loves to please people. One of his favourite things to do is snuggle up to you for a snooze. He also loves going for walks. He's strong on the lead to start but calms down soon after you take off. He loves long walks. He is a very loving, loyal and clever companion, whose personality will be greatly missed.”

UPDATE 1/1/2011

Rua and Mo Chara arrive with us on Monday (3rd Jan) and will be fostered in Ludgershall, Wiltshire (nr Andover) with our ace setter foster mum Jan. Updates and new pix to follow!

UPDATE 15/1/2011

Well Mo Chara turns out to be not as nervous as we expected. He is a slightly anxious boy who arrived very underweight due to a long stay in kennels before he travelled but it takes no time at all for him to snuggle up to you and there he would happily stay all day! He really does absolutely love people -  of all sizes - and has eyes that melt into you.

Mo sticks much closer on walks than Rua - going off to explore but keeping you in sight and very happy to run back for a treat.

He gets on fine with other dogs, although is nervous if he feels hemmed in by them. He is also a little people-possessive - he will low-rumble if another dog (even his pal Rua) approaches if he’s getting a bit of affection. But this is a confidence issue that should quickly resolve - stemming from insecurity rather than aggression.

Although we don’t think he and Rua have to stay together, Mo, particularly, needs the company of another dog (he doesn’t like to be left on his own but is fine if there’s another dog there). Absolutely perfect would be an older bitch who can help build his confidence. 

Mo is a small, sensitive, very handsome boy (in need of love, TLC and a bit of guidance. We think he was probably very highly-tuned to the upset of his owners’  marriage break-up so are looking for an active but calm and gentle home where he can build his trust and fulfil his obvious potential for being a very loving, loyal and devoted member of the family.

Mo is neutered, fully vaccinated and wormed and is being foster (with Rua, pictured left) in Ludgershall nr Andover.

UPDATE 19/2/2011

Rehomed! Mo has gone to live in a Suffolk with the Frere family and their gorgeous spaniel/setter x girl, Mille, also an Irish Rescue.

Our worries about separating him from Rua have proved unfounded - he has settled really well and he and Millie are playing beautifully - although he is a little obsessed with the cat... There has been a small blip where Mo showed some aggression towards another dog, but it came a couple of days after he was attacked by a dog - a very common trigger for aggression in an insecure dog.

We have given his new family some guidance on how to deal with this and feel sure that it will quickly resolve.  Other than that, all is going well.

“So far there have been no accidents, no chewing and no damage - all very relaxed,” says Mo’s new dad. “On walks he is starting to respond better to recall although still some work to do there. So all in all, a very good start!”

A beautiful boy this one and we’re delighted to have found such a wonderful home for him.

(added 23/11/10)