RUA... is a stunning red setter boy from Ireland who,  with MO CHARA , was surrendered due to a marriage break-up.

Here is what his family says about him:

Rua is an energetic five year old red setter.
He has a great personality, and gets really excited when he sees the lead. He loves walking and being played with. He is strong on the lead. He normally walks for a good few miles every day and when he comes home he loves to curl up in his bed and have a long snooze. He has chilled out a lot over the past five years and generally loves
to be warm and fed. He gets on well with outer dogs, and is afraid of cats.

While Rua enjoys going in the car, he won't jump in but is quite happy for you to
lift him in. He loves raw hide treats and will sit and wait until you give it to him.
Over all he is a great dog who loves attention, being stroked and played with.
Rua is independant and relaxed, if he wants attention, he will come to you for it.
He has become much more chilled over the years and is at that lovely stage now
where he is very content chilling out in his bed. A charming, sweet  dog whose endearing personality is infectious.

UPDATE 1/1/2011

Rua arrives with us on Monday (3rd Jan) and will be fostered in Ludgershall, Wiltshire (nr Andover) with our ace setter foster mum Jan. Updates and new pix to follow shortly after!

UPDATE 15/1/2011

Well, Rua really is beautiful, one of the best-looking setters we’ve ever had and with a temperament to match. He’s not a pushover - it takes him a little while to bond - but once he has connected he’s just lovely, a sweet, affectionate, relaxed boy who is great with other dogs.

He is loving his walks on Salisbury Plain - where in true Setter style he does disappear but he checks in from time to time and does that amazing trick of materialising from nowhere seconds before you get back to the car.

Once walked, he’s happy to curl up and settle and is lovely company in the house.

He is now walking better on a lead, happily jumps into the car and settles down for the ride.

Although we’d be happy to hear from a home that would like to take Mo Chara, too (pictured with Rua, below right) we feel they would be fine separated. Rua likes other dogs and invites his foster siblings to play, so we would love to find him a home with another nice dog - male or female - for company and play. 

UPDATE 20/2/11

We have now rehomed Mo Chara and although anxious about separating the two boys, both dogs have taken it in their stride.

We haven’t had much interest in Rua and are not sure why. He really is fabulous - a happy, good, well-adjusted boy who would work well in almost any reasonably active home.

UPDATE 31/3/11

Well it took a while but we’re delighted to report that we’ve found the perfect home for Rua with Olivia and family in rural Nottinghamshire, who have had two setters before and so lots of experience of setter ways!

He has settled in just perfectly - a wonderfully happy, loving  boy with a forever wagging tail. They told me this morning that however much we begged, there was no way they were handing him back!

(added 23/11/10)